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  • Devices Friendly One Page File

    Recently I've noticed that more and more people use their devices (ipad, computer or smartphone) to read the patterns instead of printing them. This is absolutely convenient, environment friendly and easy to use!

    The only annoying part is that, when you work on big patterns, you have to continuously switch from one page to another, look for colors page, come back, risking every time o loose the count.

    Cloudsfactory is here to help you! In fact, we're the first to add to our files the Devices Friendly One Page File option! This file contains both the pattern and the color legend in a singe page, it's very easy to read and super zoomable without loosing a single pixel of quality!

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  • Stitching 101 - Back Stitch and Fractional Stitches

    In THIS POST I have given the basics of cross stitch! Now let's become a pro and learn Back Stitch and Fractional stitches!

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  • Stitching 101, aka learn to cross stitch in 3 steps!

    Cross stitch may look difficult, but it is not, believe me! This small tutorial will guide you step by step in the cross stitch world! Are you ready! Let's get started!

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  • Cross stitch and internet, AKA stitching acronyms and strange names

    Internet is changing our way to talk. In the last months, following several cross stitch groups on internet, I've noticed that the cross stitch world is not exempt from this trend. So a user of one of this group thought to collect all the acronyms and strange names that are frequently used talking about cross stitch!

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