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  • Free Christams ornament pattern + foundriser call

    Christmas is near and it's time to open your heart. A very nice person contacted me in these days asking for help. This person is Zoé, mom, wife and french and piano teacher at the French and Music House of Kansas City, and she was asking help for some of het talented students.

    "Over the years teaching students in the Kansas City (and some outside KC), we have met many talented and dedicated children. On occasion, students’ families don’t have music lessons in their budget and the student is unable to continue lessons. We also have students able and willing to join music competitions that are often outside Kansas City, at the students’ expense."

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  • It's the World's end AKA I've just punched a hole in my fabric

    Unpicking or frogging hours of work may be a very frustrating work. This is why sometimes I prefer to use an unpicking tool. The pro of this tool is that in few seconds you can cut all your stitches and then just rub the back of the fabric to remove all the remaining pieces of thread. Be careful, however, if your fabric is not tight enough on your hoop or Q-snap, you can end of with a complete disaster, also known as a hole or a rip in your fabric.
    This is what happened to me just last night (and this is the reason of the horrible pics, please forgive me).

    Holy cow, I have just punched not one, but two holes in my fabric!! This means I have to trash all my hard work? No. The first thing you have to do is: don't panic.

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  • The Science Alphabet

    A new, unique and amazing Alphabet is now live in the shop. It includes a great selection of scientists, inventors and science related things!

    The pattern is available in the shop in both versions with letters only or with the names. You will be able to download them both and choose later which one you prefer!

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  • FREE pattern - Autumn block

    Some weeks ago an amazing girl sent me the cutest quilted project bag ever. It is super-sized and perfect to carry with me the Halloween Sampler together with the Q-Snap and all the supplies. This amazing girl is Heather from House Of A La Mode. She's a really nice girl and an excellent quilter. Together with my bag, she sent me a selection of DMC threads matching the colors of the bag.

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