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    During a standard day of work, I usually receive a lot of emails. Most of them ask about how many threads to use, which count of fabric and so on.
    So I thought to write a post about it that I will update if I receive new questions!
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  • Aida, linen or evenweave? Differences and count

    Choosing a cross stitch, Hardanger, or needlework fabric can be a challenging task with the plethora of choices. There are several different categories of cross stitch fabric: Aida, Linens, several types of Even Weave, Hardanger, Canvas, Perforated Paper, and specialty fabrics. Each different type of fabric in the categories has a unique texture, feel and sheen. Fabrics even smell different depending on what kind of material they are made out of and how they are dyed. Generally, people first learn to do counted cross stitch on Aida and learn to stitch on linen or other evenweaves as they become more experienced. But what's the difference?

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  • Working with Metallic Floss

    I love designing patterns with metallic floss. They give an extra kick to the projects and a precious finish that regular floss can not give. But I also know that many stitchers, both beginners and experienced, hate to work with them.
    The reasons? They snag and unravels. So I'd like to give you some hints to make your experience with metallic floss more enjoyable!
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  • The Ultimate Harry Potter Pattern

    The definitive pattern for all the Harry Potter fans!
    This pattern includes all the Harry Potter patterns available in the shop, plus a lot of new amazing and funny things! You will find all the seven books/movies in chronological order, with a series of key characters and objects for each book!

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