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  • Let me introduce you the 2016 Stitch a Long!

    Who doesn't love postcards? They are such a great souvenir and make us travel through the world with our friends or family!
    During this year stitch a long, we will travel around the world, visiting Venice, Moscow, Sidney and 9 more amazing cities stitching little postacards that will include the city landmarks and a characteristic character!

    The pattern is a yearly subscription. This means that you will not receive the entire pattern in one time: every month for 12 months you will find a new file in the “My downloadable products” page with the section for the month! The payment is a one-time payment for all the 12 months.

    Senza titolo-3-02 copia

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  • Scoll frame tutoral

    Sometimes people don't like to buy big patterns as they're scared by the cost of the framing. Well, I've found this great tutorial by GEEKitty on Imgur that explains step by step how to create a scroll frame out of your works. She used our Epic Potter pattern and all the work just costed $25! All you will need is your stitched piece, fabric for the backing, iron, a sewing machine (no particular skills required, or you can also stitch by hand), a ribbon and two dowels.

    Harry Potter cross stitch scroll frame Image Courtesy of GEEKitty

    You can find the full tutorial HERE

  • Printing 101 - AKA how to save paper and cartridges

    As many of you know one of the best pros of Cloudsfactory is that we sell digital patterns. This means that, just few seconds after your purchase, you will be able to download the file and to start stitching without having to wait for the mailman. We care about environment and also about your pocket, so here you can find some tricks to use our patterns without waisting paper and money on ink cartridges.

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  • Stitching with Satin Floss

    Satin floss is lustrous and smooth.
    It looks very shiny and it gives a luxurious finish to your work, but its wide appeal stems from its silky texture which can challenge a stitcher who’s new to this specialty thread. In few words, it may look a little hostile the very first time you thread you needle and try to make a stitch. Anyway with a little practice and a handful of patience you will have a fantastic result!

    Here there are some suggestions to not get crazy while working with it:
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