Custom families

Do you wish to cross stitch your family? You're in the right place! Tell us about you and we'll create your unique family cross stitch pattern, only by Cloudsfactory Cloudsfactory - It's a love affair!

The perfect gift for you and your family, or the best way to remember a precious moment! Based on photos provided by you, each piece is unique and is designed to order. Please allow 7 to 15 working days of designing time to receive the preview. The complete version with adjustments, if needed, may take up to 1 month.

We're completely accepting of the race and gender of the family members in question, so don't be afraid to make non-traditional requests!

What will we need:

  • Names of the members of the family
  • Hair and eyes color of each one, custom dresses if needed and accessories (i.e a guitar, a football ball, ....) and age if they're child
  • Pictures of every member of the family (not necessarily a single people portrait).

How to build your order:

  • If your family is composed by two or three people, you have just to choose the product hereunder.
    • Once you have chosen the product, fulfill the form you find in the product for each character, adding pictures and requested details.
    • If you have a family picture instead of a single portrait, add it at the beginning and specify which component you're talking about by using numbers near the name (1 for the first person in the picture, 2 for the second...)
    • When you've finished, just click add to cart
    • If you're a single person, you have anyway to use the Two Minipeople Family
  • If your family have more that 3 members, once you have fulfilled the three members product and added it to cart, you must use the additional character product, and fulfill the form as mentioned above. Keep adding additional characters since the family is complete!

Attach all the pictures I need for reference (this can include a picture of Kate and his favorite guitar, clothing etc) if no picture is provided for a product (i.e the guitar) it is left to my discretion to draw a guitar that may not be the exact one you have. You can never give me too much information or too many pictures, the more the merrier. If you need to send me more pics, you can add a link to the pictures in the notes.

PLASE NOTE: you have to click on the item image and then fullfill the form. If you click the add to cart button and fill the form in the popup, it will not work! THANK YOU!


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