Cross stitch and internet, AKA stitching acronyms and strange names

Internet is changing our way to talk. In the last months, following several cross stitch groups on internet, I've noticed that the cross stitch world is not exempt from this trend. So a user of one of this group thought to collect all the acronyms and strange names that are frequently used talking about cross stitch!


  • BAP - Big Ass Project
  • FAD - Fun & Done!
  • FFO - Finally Finished Object
  • FS - Forgotten Stash
  • LNS - Local Needlework Shop
  • McBAP - Massively Complicated Big Ass Project
  • ONS - Online Needlework Shop
  • ORT - Old Raggedy Threads / Orphaned Random Threads
  • PAD - Project All Done
  • PFO - Pulled from Oblivion (for those projects you haven't worked on in a long time)
  • PHD - Project Half Done
  • PIGS - projects in grocery sacks. Used for when you put your own kit together from fabric threads and pattern (with tote bags aka PIT)
  • RR - Round Robin (the act of passing a project from person to person until completed)
  • SABLE - Stash acquired beyond life expectancy
  • SEX - Stash Enchancement Experience
  • SINS - Stuff I'll Never Stitch
  • SIP - Stitching in Progress
  • STASH = Special Treasures All Secretly Hidden
  • TOAD = Trashed Object Abandoned In Disgust
  • USO - Unstarted Objects
  • WHIMM - Work Hidden in My Mind
  • WISP - Work in Slow Progress
  • WTF - Waiting to Finish



  • FROG - the sound made when unpicked stitches are ripped out (Rip it, Rip It)
  • CONFETTI - stitching term for all those single stitches of different colors!
  • PARKING - the act of stitching with multiple active needles, each threaded with a different color. Especially useful with Confetti.
  • RAILROADING - The act of passing your needle between your two threaded strands to create the effect of two threads laying next to each other, like a railroad this gives a flatter, neater look to the top stitch.
  • STITCHY BUDDY - Any animal that "helps" (hinders) your WIP by sitting on, in, or near materials needed on a consistent basis.
  • NEEDLE MINDER - decorative magnet attached to your fabric to keep your needle safe.
  • QSNAP - type of frame comprised of plastic tubes with snap-on grips.
  • ABLE STRETCHER - Type of hard plastic frame which uses clips and grooves to keep tension.



  • HAED - Heaven and Earth Designs
  • KK - Kustom Crafts (Canadian Chart Seller)
  • PFC - Paine Free Crafts
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