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  • Why are my points disappeared?

    If you have lost your points, please submit a ticket and we will credit you back your points.
  • How can I use my reward points?

    You can use your points in the second step of the checkout (after clicking continue on the billing address page). You must check the box and choose how many points you'd like to use!
  • Why do my prices change after login?

    Starting from January 1st 2015, Europe has new laws about VAT (value-added tax) on digital goods sold in the European market. The rules state that businesses selling digital goods and delivering them ...
  • I have a Discount / Promo Code, how do I use it?

    You can use it during the checkout. Click on the cart icon on the top menu, so you will be brought on your cart review page. At the end of your cart, just near the "Grand Total", there is a box...
  • How can I download my patterns?

    You can download them by returning to the shop after the payment is processed, through the link emailed to you by Cloudsfactory (if you can't find it, please check your spam folder), or at any time...