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Recently I've noticed that more and more people use their devices (ipad, computer or smartphone) to read the patterns instead of printing them. This is absolutely convenient, environment friendly and easy to use!

The only annoying part is that, when you work on big patterns, you have to continuously switch from one page to another, look for colors page, come back, risking every time o loose the count.

Cloudsfactory is here to help you! In fact, we're the first to add to our files the Devices Friendly One Page File option! This file contains both the pattern and the color legend in a singe page, it's very easy to read and super zoomable without loosing a single pixel of quality!


StampaHow to add this option to my purchase?
When you will see this symbol on the main image, it means that for that pattern is available the Devices Friendly One Page File option.

If you want to purchase this option, all you have to do is to check the checkbox that you will find just over the  "Add to Cart" button. In this way you will have both the printable version and the devices friendly version. If you don't check this box, you will receive only the printable, multi-pages version.


What if I use to highlight the stitched parts?
Every device is able to read PDF files (Windows requires Acrobat Reader or another PDF viewer, but fur sure you already have it installed in your computer if you have ever read a PDF before), but if you use a tablet or smartphone the default reader may not allow you to highlight on the PDF. In this case you can download the app Adobe Reader (available for both Apple and Android). It is free and it has the possibility to highlight or mark on the PDFs.


Isn't a one page file too small to be read?
The Devices Friendly files are super-zoomable without loosing a single pixel of quality and easy to read, as the color key is just near the pattern, together with the pattern info, so you will not loose the count again and again anymore!


pattern one page tablet



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