Free Christams ornament pattern + foundriser call

Christmas is near and it's time to open your heart. A very nice person contacted me in these days asking for help. This person is Zoé, mom, wife and french and piano teacher at the French and Music House of Kansas City, and she was asking help for some of het talented students.

"Over the years teaching students in the Kansas City (and some outside KC), we have met many talented and dedicated children. On occasion, students’ families don’t have music lessons in their budget and the student is unable to continue lessons. We also have students able and willing to join music competitions that are often outside Kansas City, at the students’ expense."


For this reason, she's setting up a fundraiser to help this students to continue their lessons by selling cross stitched Christmas ornaments!

How can we help her and her students?

If anyone of you want to contribute, all you have to do is to stitch one or more ornaments and send them to her. There is no need to sew and stuff them, she will worry about it!

For this reason, I've created this little pattern that you will find in the shop for free and that you can use as a template to stitch your ornaments! It is a supercute little snowman, very fast to stitch and can be made with really few colors (that you can also personalize as you wish)! You can also stitch it without the frame and Zoé will worry to sew around the shape to create the ornament!

If you don't have the time to stitch it, you can also buy it from her website! All the money raised from this project will be "used to aid students in their weekly lessons and music competitions (all students receiving aid will take lessons from one of our instructors, Zoé will not be instructing any students in this project)".

You can find all the info about her project in this page and her email and shipping address at the bottom of the same page.

The little snowmen is part of a bigger pattern, the Advent Calendar Christmas Sampler that is available in the shop! This cross stitch pattern will give day by day to you and you children (or, why not, the children inside you) the right amount of cuteness and joy to get ready for the Christmas day!

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