During a standard day of work, I usually receive a lot of emails. Most of them ask about how many threads to use, which count of fabric and so on.
So I thought to write a post about it that I will update if I receive new questions!

- How many threads should I use for your projects?
If not specified in the pattern, the number of threads depends from the fabric count you're using. The most common rule is:
- 2 or 3 strands for 14 count *
- 2 strands for 16 count
- 1 or 2 strands for 18 count *
- 1 for backstitch and french knots

* To decide to use 2 or 3 strands for 14 counts or 1 or 2 for 18 count usually depends from which pattern you're stitching, on which fabric color you're stitching it, and mostly from personal preferences. If you prefer a "fatter" stitch, use more strands, if you prefer a flatter work, use less. Same thing for the pattern and fabric color. If I am going to stitch on a white Aida a pattern that includes a lot of dark colors, I'll probably use more strands because I don't want that the withe color of the fabric will show under the dark stitches, same thing if I'm stitching a pattern with a lot of light colors on dark fabric. But this is only a personal taste and you have to try yourself and see what you prefer.

Which fabric should I use?
It usually depends from your stitching skills and, again, from personal taste. Most common fabric used fro cross stitch are Aida, Linen and EvenWeave. For a better explanation about this fabrics and how to stitch on them, you can see this post.

How I calculate the size of the pattern on a different fabric count?
buttonThere are two ways: the simple one is to go on the Cloudsfactory shop, search your pattern using the magnifying glass (light blue round button on the top of each page), open the pattern page  and click on the Live Preview button that you can find on the right under the pattern details. There you can find a fabric calculator, and all you have to do is to choose fabric, count and margins!


The "complicated" one is that you have to do a little math, by dividing the pattern size in stitches for the fabric count.
So basically if you have a pattern that is 160x200 stitches and you want to stitch it on a 16 count, you have to do 160/16 and 200/16, so you fabric should be 10x12½ inches plus the margins.

I hate working with metallic floss, what can I do?
Read the post about working with metallic floss, and you will love working with them!

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  • Deanna Haymans

    I purchased the pattern for dragon ball z. I was wondering if you could tell me the characters names. I want to make sure I name them correctly.

    Thank you,

    DeAnna Haymans

    • Cloudsfactory

      All the characters names are mentioned in the listing description here: https://cloudsfactory.net/dragon-ball-z.html
      Anyway I suggest you to use our help center here https://cloudsfactory.net/support/ for issues, problems and requests instead of the blog :)

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