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  • Postacards from the World SAL #1 - Venice

    As many of you may know, it is a tradition for us to add an info sheet to every month pattern during our Stitch a Longs. During this year Stitch a Long, we will travel through the world stitching 12 super-cute postcards, so the infos will concern the buildings and the characters featured in every month's clue, plus some fun facts about the city!

    The first stop in our 12 months trip is Venice, the city of water and romance! Venice has a long story that we will narrate you through its most iconic buildings: San Marco Campanile, Rialto bridge, the Doge's Palace, and of course a Gondola with a Gondolier... let's start our trip!

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  • Let me introduce you the 2016 Stitch a Long!

    Who doesn't love postcards? They are such a great souvenir and make us travel through the world with our friends or family!
    During this year stitch a long, we will travel around the world, visiting Venice, Moscow, Sidney and 9 more amazing cities stitching little postacards that will include the city landmarks and a characteristic character!

    The pattern is a yearly subscription. This means that you will not receive the entire pattern in one time: every month for 12 months you will find a new file in the “My downloadable products” page with the section for the month! The payment is a one-time payment for all the 12 months.

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