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  • Top 100 cross stitch blogs award

    We've been awarded for the TOP 100 cross stitch blogs!! YAY!!!


  • Free Christams ornament pattern + foundriser call

    Christmas is near and it's time to open your heart. A very nice person contacted me in these days asking for help. This person is Zoé, mom, wife and french and piano teacher at the French and Music House of Kansas City, and she was asking help for some of het talented students.

    "Over the years teaching students in the Kansas City (and some outside KC), we have met many talented and dedicated children. On occasion, students’ families don’t have music lessons in their budget and the student is unable to continue lessons. We also have students able and willing to join music competitions that are often outside Kansas City, at the students’ expense."

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  • Devices Friendly One Page File

    Recently I've noticed that more and more people use their devices (ipad, computer or smartphone) to read the patterns instead of printing them. This is absolutely convenient, environment friendly and easy to use!

    The only annoying part is that, when you work on big patterns, you have to continuously switch from one page to another, look for colors page, come back, risking every time o loose the count.

    Cloudsfactory is here to help you! In fact, we're the first to add to our files the Devices Friendly One Page File option! This file contains both the pattern and the color legend in a singe page, it's very easy to read and super zoomable without loosing a single pixel of quality!

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  • Welcome

    Hello stitchers and welcome to the new Cloudsfactory blog!

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