Reward Points

  1. What is the Reward Points Program?
    We always take care of our friends! For every thing you do, you can earn point that you can use as a discount in your cart! YOU CAN EARN POINTS BY: - Buying things: for every $ spent, we will give...
  2. How can I use my reward points?
    You can use your points in the second step of the checkout (after clicking continue on the billing address page). You must check the box and choose how many points you'd like to use!
  3. How do I check my reward points amount?
    You can check your points amount and history by clicking on the "Reward Points" link in the left menu of your Account page (you can find it at the very top of each page).
  4. Why are my points disappeared?
    If you have lost your points, please submit a ticket and we will credit you back your points.