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Cross stitch 101 - All the guides you need!

  • Cross stitch 101 guide

    Cross stitch 101

    Cross stitch and Back Stitch - A don't panic guide

    A step by step guide for beginners that will introduce you in the amazing world of cross stitch!
  • Fractional stitches guide

    Fractional stitches

    1/4 and 3/4 stitches

    A step by step guide with images to fractional stitches, or half stitches
  • French Knot guide

    French knot

    Fear not the french knot

    A step by step guide to the french knot. You can do it, believe me!
  • Biscornu pincushion guide

    Biscornu pincushion

    Stitch it, assemble it, enjoy it!

    A step by step guide to stitch and assemble you own biscornu pincushion!
  • Seed beads guide

    Seed beads

    Bead it, bead it, bead it!

    A step by step guide to add seed beads to your work.
  • How to make a Pillow guide

    How to make a Pillow

    Without a sewing machine!!

    Three different step by step tutorial to assemble a pillow without a sewing machine!