About Us

Ambra, italian, 30 years, crafter, stitcher, pattern-designer, and nerd.
After two degrees in restoration and a lot of apprenticeship in museums, I've opened my own restoration lab, and then I've discovered the economical crisis. I've been jobless for two years but, you know, italians never give up! Three years ago I moved from my hometown 500 km to the south to live with my partner, who is also my inspiration and the indispensable and irreplaceable problem solver of this website!

My grandmother taught me to stitch when I was six, so I've tried to conjugate my love for designing with the one for crafts and embroidery, and this is how Cloudsfactory is born!
I've designed a character, the Mini People, that has become the trademark of Cloudsfactory, and then my first pattern, the parody of Alice in Wonderland, that more than a pattern, is a declaration of intent! And here is where the nerd part comes! We're specialized in turning your favorite movie, tv series, cartoons and videogames characters into little parodies cross stitch patterns, my closest american friend says "Cloudsfactorize", and yes, we can cloudsfacotorize everything, included your family!

Cloudsfactory is a fabric of dreams that can become true on your fabric, we believe in stitching together on the couch and that every stitch you make is an important part of a much larger story…