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Welcome to the biggest and more fabulous cross stitch pattern ever created by Cloudsfactory!

Epic Storybook Princesses

Discover across thirteen fairytale lands all the most famous storybook princesses of all times. Stitch by stitch build a world made of sparkly dresses, fabulous castles, faithful companions, scary dragons and ugly villains.
(Notice: villains may not be ugly at all)

The very special thing about this pattern is its modularity. You will be able to swap, move and rearrange the princesses however you prefer!!

Don't forget to download the Epic Storybook Princesses Guide clicking here.

Choose between four different layouts and three different purchase options:

  • Full Columns+Grid Pattern
    78$ (Including two future princesses!)
  • Single Column Patterns
    Starting at 28$
  • Single Princess Patterns
    9$ (Free grid & columns frames available)