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  • Copyright on designs, what it is and how it works

    There is a great post about copyright on Poeacock & Fig. Anyway I felt that some people miss the bases of the entire issue.
    When designers complain about people sharing their designs, the most common response is "I bought it, I can do whatever I want with it". False.
    CBSE-schools-to-run-tuck-shopsLet's say a morning you wake up with a big urge to read, go to the library shop, and buy a book. Did you bought the book? Yes. Is the book your? Yes. But, since you bought the book, is the story yours too? No. Neither story, nor the idea, nor the phrases that are written inside the book, that are copyright, and therefore owned, by the author.
    What you can do with your book? You can read it one or multiple times, highlight it (please don't do that with library books!), use it as a wedge for a wobbly table, make a personal copy of it if you don't want to highlight the original one, gift it to a friend.
    What you can't do with your book? Use the idea or parts of the text to write your own book to sell it, sell photocopies or digital copies of it, scan it and share it with your facebook reading group.

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